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Advanced Pressure Care Equipment to Reduce Ulcers

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When a person is confined to their bed for a long period of time and is unable to move freely, ulcers can become a painful problem very quickly. Whether you’re a home carer, a primary carer for a member of your family or even a district nurse, you’ll be fully aware about how difficult it is to resolve this problem. Until now, one way to reduce the risks of pressure ulcers was to turn or reposition the patient manually in their bed on a very regular basis. Here at Genie Care, we specialise in providing advanced equipment to enhance the quality of care and level of safety for those that require bedside attention. Our unique ‘ToTo’ is an advanced piece of pressure care equipment that can significantly reduce pressure sores and ulcers.

How Does It Work?

ToTo is a lateral turning system which gently and quietly turns a patient in his/her bed, and can be programmed to ‘2 hourly’ or night time turning without the aid of a carer. ToTo fits on any bed and can be moved from bed to bed as necessary. The weight limit is 33 stone to meet the needs of most patients and uses a controlled air supply to turn patients gently throughout the night.

Benefits of ToTo

Using ToTo eliminates the need to manually turn patients. Manual Handling guidelines state that two people are required to turn a patient and as turning can be required as often as once every two hours, this can be extremely time-consuming and very expensive.

ToTo is not only advantageous for carers but incredibly beneficial for patients, as regular turning reduces pressure ulcers and can improve patients’ respiratory and circulatory systems. Our unique turning device means that patients can be regularly repositioned throughout the night as well as the day and until now, patients were either disturbed during the night for manual turning or spent nights without turning at all.

Here at Genie Care, we are passionate about providing the very best technology to improve the lives of patients and carers alike. If you would like more information about ToTo or any other equipment that we offer, please browse our website or you can give us a call on 01903 733 377 with any questions you may have.

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