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To-To Turning Device: How Does It Work?

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Our unique patient turning device, the To-To is an exceptional piece of pressure care equipment that can significantly reduce the risk of pressure ulcers developing in bedridden patients while removing any danger posed to the patient or carer as a result of manual turning.

With the To-To the patient is turned throughout the night without being disturbed; carers are free to carry out other essential tasks and the patient is guaranteed to be turned every two hours which is vital to improve tissue viability. Here at Genie Care we understand the importance of regular turning for bedridden patients and the To-To turning device is a highly effective solution. So how does the To-To work?

What Type of Bed Is Necessary?

The To-To can be fitted to any bed or hospital bed. There is no need to purchase a specialist bed and the To-To can be moved from bed to bed as necessary. The system is not bound to one bed once fitted.

How Is The To-To Fitted?

The lifting system is fitted between the mattress and mattress platform to slowly and gently turns without disturbing or distressing the patient.

How Loud Is the To-To?

This system is exceptionally quiet (<20db) as it is designed to provide the essential turning while offering patients a peaceful night’s sleep. It can be both humiliating and stressful for patients to be turned during the night by carers and many patients do not have the necessary care package to cover night time turning. The To-To removes this problem entirely.

How Often Does It Turn A Patient?

One of the best things about the system is the control you have over both the turning and dwelling times as the system is fully programmable.

The To-To offers an incredible range of benefits for both patients and carers; click here to see the To-To in action. If you would like more information about the To-To or our range of other products, don’t hesitate to browse our website or contact us directly.

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